Club Active presents a uniquely inventive fitness philosophy: The HOLISTIC FITNESS. Holistic fitness programs are scientifically designed and conveniently customised according to an individual’s personal fitness goals. It’s planned and pace-set by our team of highly experienced trainers and nutritionists after conducting a detailed health check up.
At Club Active, we see fitness as a holistic lifestyle program that’s more relevant and rewarding than overly pumped up muscles or obsessively cut six packs or steroid-fuelled athleticism. It’s about you. A healthier, fitter and happier you.
A truly world-class ambience welcomes you at Club Active with unique facilities thoughtfully assembled across two floors. There is a spacious patio for Yoga and Functional Training, Zumba Floor, Group Activity Floor, Steam Bath and a Multi Gym with an exclusive section for women with dedicated changing room. 

Our Values


To provide and continuously upgrade a world-class environment where fitness seekers can practise customised holistic programs designed by a team of certified trainers and qualified nutritionists.


To enhance the quality of life through scientifically designed holistic fitness regimen.

Core Values

•Friendly, encouraging, fun and safe ambience •Inspiringly imaginative in planning fitness programs •Respects every fitness seeker’s individual goals • Constantly evolves with newer knowledge and upgrades the environment, programs and equipment line


Club Active has a team of certified trainers and qualified nutritionists. They are experienced in planning and guiding multiple fitness programs like strength training, functional training and CrossFit.